The Story

The following information is based on the WGA registered screenplay
by Lauren Tracy, Sweet Desert Palm.


In the vast Mojave Desert a teen girl kills a pyromaniac for violating her father’s gravesite, only to realize that a bizarre Latina wanderer has witnessed the crime.


Noa (the Orphaned Murderer)

Noa is a 16 year-old nostalgic girl fast to stand up for herself and others. She looks innocent but has a secret. For months she’s been living on her own, taking care of her desert oasis land. When her father died leaving her an orphan, she kept his death quiet and his memory alive so she wouldn’t get sucked up by the system. Only she and her father’s best friend, a hard-of-hearing homeless man named Joe, know of his passing. Devastated, she becomes increasingly reclusive until a pyromaniac sets fire to the baby palm tree over her father’s burial site and in a fit of anger she shoots him dead.

Sienna (the Vengeful Latina Friend)

Sienna is a 19-year-old borderline psychotic drama queen who wants nothing more than companionship, but her tendency to exact revenge when someone “wrongs” her has kept Sienna from forming healthy relationships. When Sienna was a child she stood in the middle of the desert highway in order to get her mother’s attention and was hit by a truck. Her leg shattered and to this day Sienna has a wicked limp that she’s oddly proud of. At the beginning of the film Sienna finds that she will lose her childhood home to foreclosure and sets out looking for a for a new place to stay. On a walk home from the store she hitchhikes and the driver who stops is the mysterious girl named Noa.

Eli (the Seeker)

At her “I Lost My House” foreclosure party Sienna corners Eli – her ex. Eli is a handsome fireman with a tendency to protect others. But emotionally hurt by his and Sienna’s past relationship, he denies Sienna a place to stay. He has other responsibilities right now; He must find his missing brother, the local pyromaniac. When his brother stops returning calls or showing up for work, Eli goes looking for him and takes a keen interest in the last person to have seen him…Noa.