The Filmmaker

Lauren Tracy (left), writer/director of Sweet Desert Palm with Cole Bernstein, who played Noa in the demo trailer.

Lauren Tracy (left), writer/director of Sweet Desert Palm with Cole Bernstein, who played Noa in the demo trailer.

Lauren Tracy

Lauren is a 25-year-old writer/director originally from Acton, MA, a suburb of Boston. She wants to see morally and emotionally conflicted female characters go head-to-head in a thriller. That’s why she’s making Sweet Desert Palm her first feature film.


When Lauren was three, her father cast her in his short film called Small Change where Lauren’s character almost chokes on a coin in a grocery store. As a child and teen she became hooked on mysterious works like the X-Files, the Hannibal films and Alias. Now some of her favorite films include Citizen Kane, There Will Be Blood and The Shining. Her favorite director is currently Hitchcock, her favorite book is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus and her guilty pleasure show is Castle.

At 16 Lauren remembers only being concerned with becoming a better competitive soccer player and creating art through drawing and painting. These things made sense and made her happy but they weren’t what she wanted to do as a career. One summer, Lauren became obsessed with the collaboration between Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski that spawned the character of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Lauren would repetitively watch the film’s behind-the-scenes features until one day her father walked through the room and casually said, “Why don’t you just make movies?” With sudden clarity Lauren realized she wanted to be a film director.

Act I

Lauren went to film school, minored in creative writing, played collegiate soccer and learned a lot about the human body’s physical and mental strengths and limitations. She was fascinated by the sociology of the team vs. the individual as well as social awareness and strategy – especially among young women. As the Convocation and Commencement speaker at her graduation, she spoke about confidence and claiming who you are and what you do. Then she drove to California. Now she implements all of these elements into her writing and professional life in order to bring women with fierce attitudes and real strengths and weaknesses to the screen.

Lauren currently lives and works in Los Angeles, to embed herself in the film world, and also in Boston where her boyfriend, parents and many people she loves reside. She just finished post-production on her second feature film as editor and is writing Sweet Desert Palm, which she intends to direct.

Act II, III and Beyond

Enjoy making this movie. Finish it. Make more.

Elizabeth Brissenden, who played Sienna in the concept trailer.